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Lujin MIDI Controller

Add precise dynamics and expression automation in any DAW


Add the human touch for true expression and  organic composition

The Lujin Controller enables precise control for MIDI automation.

Add dynamics, expression, volume or control any CC MIDI parameter available in software or hardware synths and samplers.




small enough to sit beside you with premium faders and controls for 100% accuracy



  • 100mm throw premium faders

  • Multi-press continuous control knobs

  • LED screens displaying CC values 

  • USB C powered (cable included)

  • MIDI DIN out (to control hardware)

  • All controls programmable with CC values

  • Multiple CC profiles to easily switch configs

Recording Studio


A different approach - keep it simple

With so many controllers having either small faders, too many faders, or inaccurate data capture, we decided to design our own.

A controllers that fits on the desk beside your keyboard with a premium feel and great accuracy.  No drivers, software or flashing LED lights. Connect to a Mac or Windows computer and composers instantly have an instrument to capture expression.

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